Global Village: July 22th - July 26th

11:00 CEST

12:30 CEST

15:10 CEST

15:30 CEST


Saturday, July 20, 2024

Room 5

The Youth Pre-Conference will prepare youth for the main conference, engage with young people providing them a platform to network, share and learn from one another and experts in the field, and offer a place for skill building including advocacy skills to facilitate advancement of adolescent and youth priorities within their communities at the conference.

The youth pre-conference goals are to strengthen youth engagement at AIDS 2024 and help prepare young people for the main conference. The conference will feature three sessions with the themes of “Breaking Barriers, Building Power, and Forging Alliances”. These skills will help participants to promote youth priorities within their communities during and after the conference. Youth can look forward to learning from and interacting with experts and each other. 

High Level Speaker

Dr. Vuyiseka Dubula

Head of the Community, Rights & Gender Department at the Global Fund

Falling Through the Cracks: Identifying and Addressing Barriers

Ozla Nuh (Modetator)

Ravel Gatoto

Venicia Fernandes

Evheniya Usychenko

Yagé Quinn

2024 Youth Reception

Youth Wave

Date: Wednesday, July 24 2024

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Venue: Youth Pavilion


Global Voices, Boundless Potential:

Celebrating Diversity, Connection Futures

The reception is designed to celebrate and amplify the voices of young people from diverse backgrounds worldwide. This theme highlights the global scope of the event while emphasizing the diverse voices and potential of young people worldwide. It underscores the celebration of achievements, resilience, and aspirations, as well as the importance of fostering connections and empowerment among youth from different backgrounds.

Dress Code

Colors of the Community

Come dressed to represent our theme of diversity and unity.

Just a few suggestions 😉

Rainbow Hues Background

Rainbow Hues

Embrace the full spectrum
of colors to symbolize inclusivity
and diversity.

Vibrant Shades Background

Vibrant Shades

Wear traditional clothing that represents your heritage and background.

Cultural Attire Background

Cultural Attire

Opt for bright, bold colors that reflect the energy and dynamism of youth.

Statement Pieces Background

Statement Pieces

Make a statement about your identity and values.